Absolute Maximum Calculator – Find Your Function’s Peak Values

Use this tool to quickly determine the largest value in a set of numbers you provide.

Absolute Maximum Calculator

How to Use the Absolute Maximum Calculator

Enter two numbers into the fields provided above and click the “Calculate” button. The calculator will output the number with the highest absolute value, also known as the absolute maximum. The absolute value of a number is its value regardless of its sign, so -5 has an absolute value of 5.

How It Calculates the Results

The calculator compares the absolute values of both input numbers and displays the one with the higher absolute value. If the first number has a greater or equal absolute value compared to the second, the first number is presented as the result; otherwise, the second number is shown.


The calculator requires two valid numerical inputs to function correctly. Non-numeric values will result in an error message. Moreover, the precision of the calculator is limited to the precision that JavaScript’s floating-point arithmetic can handle, which may lead to rounding errors with very large or very small numbers.

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