ABV Calculator – Easily Determine Alcohol Content

Use this ABV (Alcohol by Volume) calculator to determine the alcohol content of your homebrew beer, wine, or cider.

Alcohol by Volume (ABV) Calculator

This calculator helps you determine the alcohol content of your homebrew beer. Enter your Original Gravity (OG) and Final Gravity (FG) to calculate the ABV.

How to Use the Calculator

1. Measure the specific gravity of your unfermented beer to get the Original Gravity (OG).

2. After fermentation, measure the specific gravity again to get the Final Gravity (FG).

3. Enter the OG and FG values into their respective fields in the calculator above.

4. Click the “Calculate” button to see your beer’s ABV, which will be displayed in the result field.

How it Calculates the Results

The calculator uses the standard formula for ABV calculation:

ABV = (OG – FG) * 131.25

The result is given in percentage and represents the alcohol by volume in your beer.


Please note that this calculator assumes a constant temperature of 60°F (15.5°C) for the specific gravity measurements. Temperature variations can affect the density of the liquid and thus the specific gravity. If your measurement temperatures differed from 60°F, your results may need to be adjusted accordingly. In addition, this calculator is most accurate for beers up to an OG of about 1.075. Beyond this, the formula may underestimate ABV slightly.

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