Aeries Grade Calculator – Accurate GPA Tool

This tool will help you calculate your average grade from a series of individual grades.

How to Use the Aeries Grade Calculator

Input the percentage (%) scores for each category: assignments, quizzes, midterms, and the final exam. Once all fields are filled in, click the “Calculate” button to get the total grade percentage.


This calculator takes the input scores from various categories that contribute to your final grade (assignments, quizzes, midterms, and final exam) and calculates the sum total in percentage form. The scores you input should collectively add up to 100% for an accurate grade representation.


This calculator assumes that the input grades are percentages. It does not account for extra credit or other grading nuances. The total percentage must be between 0 and 100; values outside this range will result in an error message.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculate GPA

Enter your course grades and credits to calculate your GPA instantly. You can easily determine the impact of your grades on your overall GPA and track your academic progress effortlessly.

Predict Future GPA

Use your current GPA and planned grades for upcoming courses to predict your future GPA. This feature helps you set realistic academic goals and plan your course load accordingly.

Track Semester GPA

Keep track of your GPA for individual semesters by entering your course grades and credits for each term. This allows you to monitor your performance each semester and identify areas for improvement.

Calculate Cumulative GPA

View your cumulative GPA by inputting all your course grades and credits from previous semesters. This feature gives you a comprehensive overview of your overall academic performance throughout your college career.

Weighted GPA Calculation

Calculate your weighted GPA by factoring in the different levels of difficulty of your courses. This feature is ideal for students taking honors or AP classes, providing a more accurate reflection of their academic achievements.

Grade Improvement Tracker

Set a target GPA and experiment with different grade scenarios to see how you can improve your GPA over time. This tool motivates you to aim for higher grades and stay focused on your academic goals.

Course Grade Estimator

Predict your final grade in a course by entering your current grade and the weight of upcoming assignments and exams. This helps you strategize your study plan and prioritize assignments based on their impact on your final grade.

Graduation Requirement Planner

Plan your course schedule to ensure you meet all graduation requirements on time. Input your remaining credits and required GPA to determine the grades you need to achieve in future courses.

What-If Analysis

Explore different academic scenarios by inputting hypothetical grades to see how they would affect your GPA. This feature helps you make informed decisions about course selection and academic goals.

Mobile-Friendly Calculator

Access the GPA calculator on your mobile device for on-the-go GPA tracking. The mobile-friendly design ensures you can easily calculate your GPA anytime and anywhere, making academic planning convenient and efficient.

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