Akashic Records Calculator – Unlock Mystical Insights

This tool will calculate insights from your akashic records for you to reflect on.

Akashic Records Calculator

This Akashic Records Calculator helps you to calculate your unique Akashic number based on your date of birth, first name, last name, and your favorite number.

How to Use It

  • Enter your Date of Birth in the format YYYY-MM-DD.
  • Enter your First Name.
  • Enter your Last Name.
  • Enter your Favorite Number.
  • Click on the ‘Calculate’ button to get your Akashic number.

How It Calculates the Results

The calculator adds up the numerical values of the provided parameters: your date of birth, first name, last name, and favorite number. Each letter of your name is converted into its ASCII value (A=65, B=66, etc.), and each part of your date of birth is converted into its sum. All these numerical values are added together, and the final sum is then reduced to a single digit by using the modulus operation. This single digit is your Akashic number.


It is important to note that this calculator is based on specific numerical methods and its results are not scientifically validated. The Akashic Records are a concept drawn from metaphysical beliefs and the calculator is intended for entertainment purposes only.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculate Your Past Life Connections

Enter your birth date and time to uncover your past life connections through the akashic records. Explore the connections you share with others in this lifetime and discover the patterns that resonate with your soul’s journey.

Discover Your Karmic Debt

Input your current age and life events to reveal your karmic debt from previous lifetimes. Understand the lessons you need to learn and the patterns you must resolve in this lifetime to balance your karma.

Unveil Your Soul’s Purpose

Provide details about significant life events or challenges to unveil insights into your soul’s purpose as recorded in the akashic records. Gain clarity on your path and understand the deeper meaning behind your experiences.

Explore Your Spiritual Gifts

Enter your name and birthplace to explore the spiritual gifts and talents stored in your akashic records. Identify your strengths and unique abilities that can guide you towards fulfilling your spiritual potential.

Heal Past Life Traumas

Input specific traumas or phobias to uncover their origins in your past lives. Gain awareness of unresolved issues and begin the healing process by acknowledging and releasing past life traumas through the akashic records.

Connect with Past Life Loved Ones

Enter the names of loved ones to discover their roles in your past lives and the connections you share across lifetimes. Gain insights into the relationships that transcend time and understand the lessons you learn together.

Receive Guidance from Ascended Masters

Provide a question or intention to receive guidance from ascended masters through the akashic records. Connect with divine wisdom and receive profound insights to support your spiritual growth and transformation.

Understand Your Relationship Patterns

Enter the names and birthdates of significant others to analyze your relationship dynamics based on your akashic records. Gain clarity on recurring patterns, challenges, and soul contracts to enhance your relationships.

Clear Energetic Blockages

Input information about obstacles or challenges you face to identify energetic blockages stored in your akashic records. Receive guidance on releasing these blockages and restoring balance to align with your highest potential.

Enhance Your Intuition

Enter your current spiritual practices to receive personalized insights on enhancing your intuition using the wisdom of the akashic records. Develop a deeper connection to your inner guidance and intuition for navigating life’s challenges with clarity and confidence.

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