Amazon Calculator – Essential Tool for Sellers

Calculate your estimated Amazon fees quickly and accurately with our Amazon fee calculator tool.

Amazon Calculator Guide

This Amazon Calculator is designed to help you determine the profit you can make from selling a product on Amazon. The tool takes into account several parameters, including product cost, shipment fee, Amazon fee, other costs, and selling price, to give you a clear picture of your potential profit.

How to Use the Calculator

  1. Enter the Product Cost in the corresponding field.
  2. Provide the Shipment Fee you will incur.
  3. Fill the Amazon Fee Percentage as per your agreement with Amazon.
  4. Input any Other Costs you may have.
  5. Put the Selling Price that you have decided for your product.
  6. Click the Calculate button to get the result.

Explanation of Results

Once you click the Calculate button, the calculator will sum up all the costs (Product Cost, Shipment Fee, Amazon Fee, and Other Costs) and subtract them from the Selling Price to give you the profit. The result will show you the profit you can expect to earn from each sale.


This calculator provides an estimate and may not include incidental costs such as returns, promotions, or variable Amazon fees for certain categories. Always consider these potential expenses when planning your sales strategy.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculating Total Price Including Shipping

Enter the price of the item you want to buy from Amazon, add the shipping cost, apply any discounts if available, and instantly get the total price. It’s perfect for planning your budget and making informed purchase decisions.

Estimating Savings with Discounts

Input the original price of the product, add any discounts like coupon codes or promotional offers, and see the amount you save instantly. It’s a great way to maximize your savings while shopping on Amazon.

Determining Final Price with Taxes

Enter the base price of your item, include the tax percentage based on your location, and calculate the final price you’ll pay at checkout. This feature helps you know exactly how much you need to pay, without any surprises.

Converting Currency for International Orders

Specify the price of the item in the original currency, select the target currency for your purchase, and effortlessly convert the amount. This tool simplifies the process of understanding the cost in your local currency for international Amazon orders.

Calculating Monthly Installments for Expensive Items

Enter the total price of the product, choose the duration for payment, and find out the monthly installments you need to make. This feature helps you manage your budget by spreading the cost over several months.

Estimating Shipping Time Based on Distance

Provide the starting and ending location details, and the calculator will estimate the shipping time for your Amazon order. It’s a convenient tool for planning your purchases ahead of time and managing your expectations.

Comparing Prices between Amazon and Other Retailers

Enter the price of the item on Amazon and a competitor’s website to compare prices instantly. This feature helps you make smart purchasing decisions by finding the best deal available.

Calculating Profit Margin for Sellers

Input the sale price of an item on Amazon and the total cost, including shipping and fees, to determine the profit margin. This tool is essential for Amazon sellers to optimize pricing strategies and maximize profits.

Estimating Import Duties for International Shipments

Specify the declared value of the item and the destination country to calculate the import duties and taxes. It’s a useful tool for international Amazon buyers to understand the total cost of their purchases, including customs fees.

Calculating Cashback Rewards on Purchases

Enter the purchase amount on Amazon and the cashback percentage offered by your credit card to calculate the cashback rewards you’ll earn. This feature helps you make the most of cashback offers and rewards programs while shopping on Amazon.

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