Angular Acceleration Calculator – Calculate Rotation Dynamics Easily

Our angular acceleration calculator helps you quickly compute the rate of change in angular velocity for any rotating object.

Angular Acceleration Calculator

How to Use the Angular Acceleration Calculator

This calculator helps you to find the angular acceleration of an object in rotation. To use it, enter the final angular velocity (ω2) and the initial angular velocity (ω1) of the object, along with the time interval (t) over which the acceleration takes place. Ensure all values are in the correct units: radians per second (rad/s) for angular velocities and seconds (s) for the time interval. After inputting these values, press ‘Calculate’ to get the angular acceleration.

How the Calculator Works

The calculator computes the angular acceleration (α) using the formula:

α = (ω2 – ω1) / t


  • ω2 is the final angular velocity in radians per second (rad/s)
  • ω1 is the initial angular velocity in radians per second (rad/s)
  • t is the time interval in seconds (s)

Limitations of the Calculator

This calculator assumes constant angular acceleration within the time interval provided, meaning it does not account for variations in acceleration due to external forces or other factors. It is best used for calculations in controlled environments where constant acceleration is a valid assumption. Also, the calculator does not verify if the input is in the correct unit, so the user must ensure the accuracy of their input values.

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