AP Physics Score Calculator: Estimate Your Exam Results Easily

Use this tool to calculate your AP Physics exam score based on your correct answers.

AP Physics Score Calculator

How to Use the Calculator:
Input the number of correct answers you got on the multiple choice section (0-50), and enter your score for each of the two free response questions (0-10 each). Then, click “Calculate” to see your projected AP score. The calculator will add your scores and provide an estimated AP score from 1 to 5.

How It Calculates Results:
The calculator assigns 1.5 points for each correct multiple choice answer, and adds the points from the free response questions. The total score is compared against the following scale to determine your AP score:
90+ = 5
75-89.9 = 4
60-74.9 = 3
45-59.9 = 2
Less than 45 = 1

This tool provides an estimate based on a simplified scoring rubric. Actual AP scores are based on a more complex scoring system that may include weighted sections and scaled scores. The calculator does not take into account the variation in difficulty among different AP Physics exams or the raw-to-scaled score conversion that the College Board uses.

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