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This tool will calculate your estimated AP Spanish exam score based on your input.

AP Spanish Score Calculator

How to Use the AP Spanish Score Calculator

To use this AP Spanish Score Calculator, simply enter your scores for each section in the respective fields. Once all fields are filled in, click the Calculate button to see your overall score. The calculator takes into account the following components of the AP Spanish exam:

  • Multiple Choice: 65 points
  • Short Answer: 10 points
  • Essay: 40 points
  • Oral: 15 points

The weights for these components are as follows:

  • Multiple Choice: 50%
  • Short Answer: 10%
  • Essay: 25%
  • Oral: 15%

Explanation of Results

The calculator converts your raw scores for each section into weighted scores based on the above percentages. These weighted scores are then summed up to give you a total score out of 100.


This calculator provides an estimate of your AP Spanish score based on input values. The actual exam scores can vary based on additional factors like difficulty level and scoring adjustments made by the test organizers. Therefore, use this calculator as a guide rather than an exact predictor of your final score.

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