Arbitrage Calculator – Optimize Your Profits

This tool calculates potential profits from arbitrage opportunities in various markets.

Arbitrage Calculator

This Arbitrage Calculator can help you determine the potential profit from exploiting price differences of the same asset on two different markets. Simply input the buy and sell prices on both markets, the trade size, and the corresponding market fees.

How to Use

  1. Enter the buy price in Market 1.
  2. Enter the sell price in Market 1.
  3. Enter the buy price in Market 2.
  4. Enter the sell price in Market 2.
  5. Specify the trade size (amount of the asset you want to trade).
  6. Enter the fee percentage for Market 1.
  7. Enter the fee percentage for Market 2.
  8. Press the “Calculate” button to see the result.

How It Calculates the Results

The calculator factors in the fees for both markets and computes the final buy and sell prices. Then, it evaluates two arbitrage opportunities:

  1. Buying on Market 2 and selling on Market 1
  2. Buying on Market 1 and selling on Market 2

It calculates the potential profits for both scenarios and displays the maximum possible profit.


Please note that this calculator assumes static fees and does not consider potential slippage or delays in execution that could impact the realized profit. Market conditions can change rapidly, and the calculated profit might not be achievable in real-time trading.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Use Case 1: Calculate Potential Profit

You can use the arbitrage calculator to determine the potential profit you can make by taking advantage of price differences between two markets. Simply input the buy price, sell price, and quantity to see the profit amount.

Use Case 2: Compare Arbitrage Opportunities

You can compare multiple arbitrage opportunities by entering the buy and sell prices for each market. The calculator will show you the potential profits for each opportunity, allowing you to make informed decisions on which one to pursue.

Use Case 3: Adjusting Quantity for Arbitrage

If you want to calculate the potential profit based on a different quantity of the asset, you can easily adjust the quantity input in the calculator. This helps you see how changing the quantity affects your potential profits.

Use Case 4: Factor in Exchange Fees

When using the arbitrage calculator, you can include exchange fees in your calculations. By entering the fees for both buy and sell transactions, you get a more accurate estimate of your actual profits after deducting fees.

Use Case 5: Instant Updates for Real-Time Arbitrage

The arbitrage calculator provides instant updates as you input new prices or quantities, making it ideal for real-time arbitrage opportunities. You can quickly assess different scenarios and act promptly to seize profitable trades.

Use Case 6: Track Historical Arbitrage Profits

You can use the calculator to track your historical arbitrage profits by entering past buy and sell prices. This allows you to review your performance over time and make adjustments to your arbitrage strategies for better results.

Use Case 7: Calculate Percentage Profit Margin

The calculator can also help you calculate the percentage profit margin for an arbitrage opportunity. By comparing the profit amount to the total investment, you can gauge the profitability of the trade more effectively.

Use Case 8: Include Taxes in Arbitrage Calculations

If you need to factor in taxes for your arbitrage trades, you can input the tax rate in the calculator. This way, you get a clearer picture of your after-tax profits and can make more informed decisions based on net profits.

Use Case 9: Plan Arbitrage Strategies with Multiple Assets

You can plan complex arbitrage strategies involving multiple assets by using the calculator to input prices for each asset. This feature helps you assess the overall profitability of your strategy and balance risks across different trades.

Use Case 10: Share Potential Arbitrage Opportunities

You can share potential arbitrage opportunities with others by using the calculator to input details and generate a summary of the profits. This can help you collaborate with colleagues or discuss trading ideas with fellow arbitrageurs.

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