Atomic Number Calculator – Quick & Easy Element Finder

This tool helps you find the atomic number of any chemical element instantly.

How to Use the Atomic Number Calculator

  1. Type the name of the chemical element into the input field.
  2. Click the “Calculate” button.
  3. The atomic number will be displayed in the result field if the element is found in the list.

How It Calculates the Results

This calculator uses a predefined list of chemical elements and their atomic numbers. When you input an element name, the script checks if the element exists in the list. If it does, it returns the corresponding atomic number. If the element is not found, it indicates that the element is not in the list.


The calculator relies on a hardcoded list of elements and their atomic numbers. If the element is not in the list, it will not be able to provide the atomic number. Additionally, names need to be accurately spelled for the lookup to succeed.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculate Atomic Number by Element Symbol

Enter the symbol of an element and instantly find out its atomic number. This feature saves you time by providing quick access to essential information for your chemistry projects and research.

Reverse Lookup: Find Element Symbol by Atomic Number

If you have the atomic number but forgot the element symbol, simply input the number and get the corresponding symbol. This function is ideal when you need to double-check information or memorize element symbols.

Interactive Periodic Table Integration

Integrate the atomic number calculator with an interactive periodic table. Click on an element, and its symbol along with the atomic number populates automatically in the calculator field. Seamlessly switch between browsing and calculating.

Mobile-Friendly Design for On-the-Go Calculations

Access the atomic number calculator on your mobile device without any hassle. Whether you’re in the lab, classroom, or on the field, you can swiftly calculate atomic numbers with a user-friendly interface tailored for mobile use.

Copy and Paste Functionality

Easily copy the atomic number results and paste them into your reports, presentations, or notes. Effortlessly transfer data from the calculator to other applications, streamlining your work process.

Visual Feedback for Error Prevention

Receive clear error messages if you input an invalid element symbol or atomic number. Visual cues help you identify and correct mistakes quickly, ensuring accurate calculations every time.

Bookmark Favorite Elements for Quick Access

Bookmark frequently used elements for quick access in future calculations. Streamline your workflow by saving time on searching for the same elements repeatedly.

Share Results via Email or Messaging Apps

Share atomic number calculations with colleagues, classmates, or friends directly from the calculator. Facilitate collaboration and discussions by sending precise atomic number information effortlessly.

Custom Theme Options for Personalization

Personalize the atomic number calculator with custom themes and color schemes according to your preferences. Create a visually appealing calculator interface that suits your style and enhances your user experience.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Efficient Input

Use keyboard shortcuts for faster input of element symbols and atomic numbers. Boost your productivity with convenient shortcuts that help you navigate the calculator with ease and speed.

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