Augmented Matrix Calculator: Solve Systems with Ease

Use this augmented matrix calculator to efficiently solve systems of linear equations.

Augmented Matrix Calculator

How to Use the Augmented Matrix Calculator

To use the calculator, input the augmented matrix with each row on a new line and each term separated by a comma. For example, for a 2×3 matrix, your input should look like this:

   2, 3, 5
   1, -1, 2
Once you have entered your matrix, click the “Calculate” button to compute the row echelon form of the augmented matrix.

How It Calculates the Results

The calculator uses Gaussian elimination to transform the given matrix into its row echelon form, a step towards solving linear equations. It does so by making the elements below the leading entry (pivot) in each column zero via row operations (i.e., scaling rows and adding or subtracting them).


This calculator may not handle cases where numeric precision is critical due to JavaScript’s floating-point arithmetic. Additionally, it cannot solve matrices that require partial or full pivoting for accurate solutions or matrices that do not have unique solutions.

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