Average Value Calculator: Find Your Mean Quickly & Easily

Use this average value calculator to quickly determine the mean of a set of numbers you provide.

How to Use the Average Value Calculator

To use the calculator, enter a series of numbers separated by commas in the input field above. For example, inputting “10, 20, 30” will calculate the average of 10, 20, and 30. After you have entered your numbers, click the “Calculate” button to display the average.

How It Works

The calculator takes the input string and splits it into an array of numbers. It then filters out any invalid entries that are not numbers. The sum of the valid numbers is calculated, and this total sum is then divided by the count of valid numbers to find the average. This result is displayed in the Result field.


The calculator requires correct numeric input separated by commas without any spaces or additional characters. It will not work with non-numeric inputs or improperly formatted data. The calculator is also limited by the precision of JavaScript floating-point arithmetic and may not produce accurate results for very large numbers or numbers with many decimal places.

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