Axis and Allies Calculator: Strategic Battle Tool

This tool will help you calculate battle outcomes in Axis and Allies games.

Select Unit Type and Number of Units for the Attacker and Defender:

How to Use the Axis & Allies Calculator:

Input the number of units for both the attacker and defender in the fields provided. Click the “Calculate” button to determine the outcome of the battle based on the total combat power of both sides.

How it Calculates the Results:

The calculator determines the combat power of both the attacker and defender using the following values:

  • Infantry: Attacker – 1 power, Defender – 2 power
  • Tanks: Attacker – 3 power, Defender – 3 power
  • Artillery: Attacker – 2 power, Defender – 2 power

After calculating the total power for both sides, it compares them to determine the winner:

  • If the attacker’s power is greater than the defender’s power, the result is “Attacker Wins!”
  • If the defender’s power is greater than the attacker’s power, the result is “Defender Wins!”
  • If both powers are equal, the result is “It’s a Draw!”

Calculator Limitations:

This calculator provides a simplified outcome based on the combat power of units. It does not account for detailed game mechanics, luck, or strategy beyond basic power comparison.

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