Barista FIRE Calculator: Plan Early Retirement Finances

This tool will help you calculate how much money you need to achieve financial independence and retire early as a barista.

How to Use This Barista FIRE Calculator

Enter your current age, annual savings, current retirement assets, expected annual retirement expenses, and the annual investment return percentage. Click the “Calculate” button to see the age at which you may achieve Barista FIRE.

How It Calculated the Results

This calculator uses your inputs to project the growth of your retirement assets each year, factoring in your annual savings and the investment return. It continues this projection until your retirement assets are enough to support your specified annual retirement expenses, based on a 4% withdrawal rate, which is a common rule of thumb in financial planning. The final result shows the age you may achieve Barista FIRE.


  • This calculator assumes a constant annual savings rate, investment return, and retirement expenses.
  • It does not account for taxes, changes in lifestyle, or unexpected expenses.
  • Market fluctuations and investment risks are not considered in this simple model.

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