Beer Calories Chart – Accurate Calculator Tool

This tool helps you quickly find out how many calories are in your favorite beers.

Beer Calories Calculator

How to Use the Calculator

To use the beer calories calculator, input the following information:

  • Beer Volume (ml): The amount of beer in milliliters.
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV %): The alcohol content percentage.
  • Carbohydrates (grams): The amount of carbohydrates in grams.
Click on the calculate button to get the total calorie content of your beer.

How it Calculates Results

The total calories in beer is calculated using the formula:
Total Calories = (Alcohol Calories) + (Carbohydrate Calories)
Where Alcohol Calories is calculated as:
[ (Volume in ml) * (ABV %) * (0.789 grams/ml) * (7 kcal/gram) ]
And Carbohydrate Calories is calculated as:
[ Carbs (grams) * 4 kcal/gram ]


This calculator provides an estimation of the total calories in beer and should not be used for medical or health advice. The calorie content may vary depending on the specific beer’s ingredients and brewing process.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculate Calories in a Beer

Enter the number of servings of beer and the type of beer to get the total calorie count. Choose from a wide selection of beers to accurately calculate your calorie intake.

Compare Calorie Content

Input the calorie information of different beers to compare and make informed decisions about your drink choices based on calorie content. Easily see which beers are lower or higher in calories for a healthier option.

Plan Your Drinking

Estimate the total calorie intake for the night by tallying up the calories from each beer you plan to consume. Stay within your daily caloric limit while still enjoying your favorite brews.

Track Your Calorie Consumption

Keep a record of the calories you consume from beer over time. Monitor your calorie intake trends to make adjustments to your drinking habits and maintain a balanced diet.

Customize Serving Size

Adjust the serving size of the beer to see how it affects the calorie count. Easily switch between different serving sizes to match your actual consumption accurately.

Discover Low-Calorie Options

Explore a variety of low-calorie beer options to find lighter alternatives that still satisfy your taste buds. Discover new beers that are lower in calories and fit your health goals.

Set Calorie Goals

Set personal calorie goals for your beer consumption and use the calculator to track your progress. Stay motivated to reach your goals by monitoring your calorie intake with each drink.

Educate Yourself on Beer Calories

Learn about the calorie content of different types of beer to make more informed decisions about your drinking choices. Understand the impact of beer on your daily calorie intake and overall health.

Share Calorie Information

Share calorie information with friends or on social media to raise awareness about beer consumption and its impact on daily calorie intake. Encourage others to make healthier choices by providing them with calorie data.

Monitor Caloric Intake

Keep track of your overall caloric intake from beer consumption to ensure you stay within your daily calorie limits. Use the calculator regularly to monitor your caloric balance and make adjustments as needed.

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