Bible Gematria Calculator – Accurate Biblical Numerology

This tool will calculate the gematria values of Bible verses for you.

How to Use the Bible Gematria Calculator

Enter a Bible verse or any text into the input box and press the “Calculate” button to get the gematria value of the text.

How It Calculates the Results

The calculator uses a predefined gematria mapping where each letter in the English alphabet is assigned a numeric value. The sum of these values gives you the final result for the entered text. For example:

  • A = 1
  • B = 2
  • C = 3
In the case of the input text “ABC”, the calculated gematria value will be 6 (1+2+3).


The calculator only considers English alphabetic characters and ignores any special characters or spaces. Additionally, it uses a simplified version of Biblical gematria, which may differ from traditional Jewish gematria systems that consider context and other linguistic intricacies.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculate Gematria Value for a Word

Enter a word and hit “Calculate” to find its gematria value based on Hebrew gematria system. The calculator will assign numerical values to each letter in the word and sum them up to display the total gematria value.

Compare Gematria Values of Multiple Words

You can compare the gematria values of two or more words by entering them one by one and clicking “Calculate” each time. This allows you to see if there are any interesting connections or similarities between different words.

Explore Gematria Correspondences

Discover the deep symbolic meanings associated with different words by exploring their gematria correspondences. You can gain insights into hidden connections and patterns by analyzing the gematria values of various words.

Find Gematria Value for a Phrase

Input a phrase or sentence into the calculator to obtain the cumulative gematria value for the entire phrase. This feature enables you to study the overall significance of longer textual elements based on their gematria values.

Share Gematria Results

Once you have calculated the gematria value of a word or phrase, easily share the results with others by using the provided sharing options. Spread the knowledge and intrigue generated by gematria calculations with just a click.

Analyze Gematria Patterns

Identify recurring gematria patterns or sequences by experimenting with various words and phrases. The calculator allows you to conduct in-depth analyses to uncover underlying numerical relationships between different terms.

Research Historical Gematria Associations

Dive into the rich history of gematria and its traditional associations with various words or concepts. Use the calculator to verify historical gematria connections or to create new interpretations based on ancient practices.

Convert Gematria Value to Hebrew Letters

Translate the numerical gematria value back into Hebrew letters to explore the linguistic and visual aspects of the corresponding word. Gain a deeper understanding of the symbolic meanings encoded in the Hebrew alphabet through this feature.

Learn Gematria Basics

Enhance your knowledge of gematria by using the calculator as a learning tool. Experiment with different words and phrases to grasp the fundamental principles of gematria and its application in mystical traditions.

Engage in Gematria Research and Study

Utilize the calculator as a starting point for your gematria research and study endeavors. Delve into the world of numerology and symbolic interpretation by exploring the gematria values of words and phrases that intrigue you.

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