Binary Calculator – Convert Binary Values Online

This binary calculator converts between binary and decimal numbers, making it easy to understand and work with binary arithmetic.

Binary Calculator

How To Use The Binary Calculator

Enter two binary numbers in the respective fields and choose the operation you wish to perform: add, subtract, multiply or divide. Once the information is entered, click on the “Calculate” button to see the result in binary form.

How It Works

This calculator works by first validating the input to ensure that only binary numbers (0s and 1s) are entered. Based on your selected operation, the calculator then parses the binary strings into integers, performs the arithmetic operation, and converts the result back into a binary string to display.


This binary calculator does not support decimals or numbers other than 0 and 1. Division by zero is not possible, and attempting this will show an error message. The calculator may not correctly represent the result for operations leading to non-integers, as binary fraction representation is not included.

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