Board and Batten Calculator – Easily Estimate Your Project Materials

Use our board and batten calculator tool to quickly determine the materials you need for your wall siding project.

Board and Batten Calculator

This board and batten calculator can help you quickly determine the number of boards and battens needed for a wall. To use the calculator, simply enter the width of the wall in feet, the width of the boards in inches, the width of the battens in inches, and the desired spacing between battens.

How To Use The Calculator

  1. Enter the width of the wall in feet.
  2. Enter the width of the board in inches.
  3. Enter the width of the batten in inches.
  4. Enter the desired spacing between the battens in inches.
  5. Click on ‘Calculate’ to find out the number of boards and battens you will need.

How It Calculates Results

The calculator multiplies the wall width by 12 to convert feet to inches. It then calculates the total number of boards and battens by dividing the total wall width in inches by the combined width of one board and one spacing or one batten and one spacing, respectively. It rounds up to the nearest whole number because you can’t use a fraction of a board or batten.


This calculator assumes a consistent board and batten size across the entire wall and does not account for windows, doors, or other irregularities. It also does not provide recommendations for finishing materials or installation techniques. Always verify your measurements and consult with a professional if needed.

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