Boat Shipping Cost Calculator – Instant Estimate & Fees

Use this tool to quickly calculate the shipping cost for your boat based on specific dimensions and destination details.

Boat Shipping Cost Calculator

How to Use the Calculator

To use the Boat Shipping Cost Calculator, enter the boat’s weight in kilograms and the shipping distance in kilometers. Then, select the type of service you desire, either Standard or Express. When you have entered all of this information, click the “Calculate” button, and the cost will be computed and displayed for you.

How it Calculates the Results

The cost is calculated by multiplying the boat’s weight by the shipping distance and the rate per kilometer. The rate per kilometer for Standard service is $0.5 and for Express service is $0.7.


The calculator does not account for additional fees that might apply, such as insurance, taxes, or special handling. It also assumes the shipping route is direct with no additional stops. The results should be used as an estimate, and for a precise quote, please contact the shipping company directly.

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