Boat Speed Calculator | Accurate Boat Speed Measurement

This tool helps you calculate the speed of your boat based on distance and time.

Boat Speed Calculator

This boat speed calculator uses the following parameters: boat length, boat weight, water conditions, wind speed, and engine power to estimate the speed of the boat. Enter the required values and click “Calculate” to see the estimated speed.

How to Use:

  1. Enter the length of the boat in meters.
  2. Enter the weight of the boat in kilograms.
  3. Select the current water conditions from the dropdown.
  4. Enter the current wind speed in knots.
  5. Enter the engine power in horsepower.
  6. Click “Calculate” to get the estimated speed.

How it Calculates:

The calculation is done using a simplified formula where boat speed is influenced by the boat length, weight, water conditions, wind speed, and engine power. While this provides a general estimate, actual speed may vary based on factors not accounted for in this calculation.


The calculated speed is an approximation and may not reflect real-world conditions. Factors such as currents, boat design, and precise water and wind conditions can affect the actual speed. Always exercise caution and perform real-world tests.

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