Carpet Cleaning Cost – Calculate Your Estimate

This tool helps you estimate the cost of cleaning your carpet based on its size and type.

How to Use the Carpet Cleaning Cost Calculator

Simply enter the area of the carpet in square meters, select the type of cleaning required, enter the number of rooms, and the travel distance in kilometers. Click on the “Calculate” button to get the estimated cost.

How the Cost is Calculated

The cost is calculated based on the following formula:

  • Base price per square meter depending on the cleaning type:
    • Standard Cleaning: $2 per square meter
    • Deep Cleaning: $4 per square meter
    • Stain Removal: $6 per square meter
  • Additional cost per room: $10 per room
  • Travel surcharge: $0.50 per kilometer

The final cost is a sum of these individual costs.


Please note that actual costs may vary depending on specific conditions and additional services required. This calculator provides an estimate only and should not be considered as a final quotation.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculate Cost Based on Room Size

Enter the dimensions of the room to be cleaned (length and width) and the calculator will estimate the cost based on the square footage. This allows you to budget for your carpet cleaning project accurately.

Include Stain Removal

Input the number of stains that need to be treated, and the calculator will factor in the additional cost for stain removal. Knowing this cost upfront helps you decide on the extent of cleaning needed.

Choose Cleaning Method

Select the cleaning method you prefer (steam cleaning, dry cleaning, etc.) and the calculator will adjust the cost accordingly. This feature ensures you know the cost implications of different cleaning techniques.

Estimate Total Cost for Entire House

Input the number of rooms in your house that need cleaning, and the calculator will provide an estimate for the total cost. This comprehensive view helps you plan your budget effectively.

Factor in Additional Services

If you require additional services like carpet deodorizing or pet odor removal, specify these options to get a more accurate cost estimate. This transparency ensures you understand the total cost involved.

Calculate Cost for Upholstery Cleaning

If you also need upholstery cleaning along with carpet cleaning, input the dimensions of the furniture pieces to get a combined cost. This helps you budget for a thorough cleaning of your living space.

Include Transportation Fees

If the cleaning company charges transportation fees based on your location, input your address or ZIP code for the calculator to factor in these additional costs. This feature prevents any surprises in your final bill.

Get Instant Quote

By filling in the required details, you can receive an instant quote for your carpet cleaning project. This quick estimation allows you to make decisions promptly and proceed with booking the service.

Compare Prices from Different Service Providers

Use the calculator to input quotes from various carpet cleaning companies and compare the costs. This comparison feature helps you choose a service provider that offers the best value for your money.

Adjust Cost based on Frequency of Cleaning

If you plan to schedule regular carpet cleanings (monthly, quarterly, etc.), specify the frequency to see how it impacts the overall cost. This insight enables you to plan for long-term maintenance within your budget.

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