Center of Mass Calculator – Find Your Object’s Balance Point

Use this center of mass calculator to efficiently determine the combined center of gravity for multiple objects.

Center of Mass Calculator

How to Use the Calculator

Enter the masses of the objects in kilograms, separated by commas, into the first input box. For example, if you have three masses, you might input “2, 4, 6”. Next, enter the positions of these masses along a line in meters, in the same order and also separated by commas, into the second input box. Once both fields are filled out, click the “Calculate” button to get the position of the center of mass.

How It Calculates the Results

The center of mass calculator uses the formula Σ(mi * xi) / Σmi, where mi is the mass of the ith object and xi is the position of the ith object. It sums the moments (mass times position) of each object and divides this by the total mass to find the center of mass.

Limitations of the Calculator

The center of mass calculator assumes that the masses and positions are input correctly and only works for objects arranged along a straight line. Additionally, the calculator does not account for mass distribution within objects; it assumes point masses located at the specified positions.

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