Centripetal Force Formula Calculator – Quick & Accurate Results

This centripetal force calculator will help you accurately determine the force acting on an object moving in a circular path.

How to Use the Centripetal Force Calculator

To use this calculator:

  1. Enter the mass (in kilograms) of the object moving in a circle.
  2. Enter the velocity (in meters per second) of the object.
  3. Enter the radius (in meters) of the circle in which the object is moving.
  4. Click the “Calculate” button to see the result.

How It Calculates Results

The calculator uses the centripetal force formula:

F = (m * v^2) / r


  • F is the centripetal force in newtons (N)
  • m is the mass in kilograms (kg)
  • v is the velocity in meters per second (m/s)
  • r is the radius of the circle in meters (m)


This calculator assumes:

  • The motion is in a perfect circle.
  • There is no friction or other forces acting on the object other than centripetal force.
  • All input values are non-negative numbers.
  • Mass and radius are not zero, as this would imply that either there is no object or no circular motion, resulting in no centripetal force.

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