Chance Calculator: Accurate Odds & Probability Tool

This tool helps you quickly calculate the probability of an event occurring based on given inputs.

Chance Calculator Explanation

This chance calculator allows you to determine the probability of achieving a certain number of successes in a series of events. Here’s how to use it:

How to Use:

  1. Enter the total number of possible outcomes in the Total Possible Outcomes field.
  2. Input the number of successful outcomes in the Successful Outcomes field.
  3. Specify how many times the event will occur in the Event Occurrences field.
  4. Enter the number of successes you would like to achieve in the Desired Successes field.
  5. Click Calculate to see the result in the Result field.

How It Calculates the Results:

The calculator determines the probability using the binomial probability formula which is:

P(X = k) = (n choose k) * (p^k) * ((1-p)^(n-k))


  • X = number of successes
  • n = number of trials (Event Occurrences)
  • k = number of desired successes
  • p = probability of success in a single trial (Successful Outcomes / Total Possible Outcomes)


This calculator assumes each event is independent and the probability of success remains constant across all events. It is intended for probability calculations where these conditions are met.

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