% Change Calculator – Fast & Accurate Calculation Tool

This tool helps you calculate the percentage change between two values quickly and easily.

How to Use the % Change Calculator

To use the % Change Calculator, enter the original value and the new value into the respective fields. Then click the “Calculate” button.


The % Change Calculator computes the percentage change between an original value and a new value using the formula:

Percentage Change = ((New Value – Original Value) / Original Value) * 100

This calculation helps you understand the relative change between the two values.


Please note the following limitations:

  • The calculator assumes that the values entered are numerical and valid.
  • It may not handle extremely large values or values with high precision well.
  • The accuracy of the result depends on the precision of the input values.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Use Case 1: Calculate Percentage Increase

Calculate the percentage increase in value between two numbers using the % change calculator. Enter the original value and the new value to determine the percentage increase. This is useful for tracking sales growth, investment returns, or price changes.

Use Case 2: Calculate Percentage Decrease

Discover the percentage decrease in value by entering the original number and the decreased number into the calculator. This feature helps in monitoring discounts, budget reductions, or efficiency improvements. It simplifies the process of determining the reduction percentage quickly.

Use Case 3: Determine Percentage Change in Stock Value

Analyze the percentage change in stock value by inputting the initial stock price and the new stock price. This will help you comprehend the fluctuation in stock prices over a period and make informed investment decisions. The calculator streamlines the process of calculating percentage changes in stock market values.

Use Case 4: Calculate Markup Percentage

Calculate the markup percentage by entering the original cost and the selling price. This feature is essential for businesses to determine the profit margin on products or services. The calculator simplifies the markup percentage calculation for efficient pricing strategies.

Use Case 5: Determine Percentage Change in Test Scores

Evaluate the percentage change in test scores by inputting the initial score and the new score. This functionality aids students and educators in understanding the progress or decline in academic performance. The calculator provides a quick way to assess improvements or setbacks in test results.

Use Case 6: Calculate Sales Tax Percentage

Compute the sales tax percentage by entering the before-tax price and the after-tax price. This function is beneficial for determining the tax rate applied to products or services. The calculator simplifies the process of calculating sales tax percentages for financial transactions.

Use Case 7: Determine Percentage Change in Population

Analyze the percentage change in population by inputting the previous population count and the current population count. This functionality helps in studying demographic shifts and urban development trends. The calculator streamlines the calculation of percentage changes in population figures.

Use Case 8: Calculate Discount Percentage

Calculate the discount percentage by entering the original price and the discounted price. This feature is useful for consumers to understand the amount saved on discounted items. The calculator facilitates the quick calculation of discount percentages for smart shopping decisions.

Use Case 9: Determine Percentage Change in Energy Consumption

Evaluate the percentage change in energy consumption by inputting the previous energy usage and the current energy usage. This functionality assists in tracking energy efficiency improvements or spikes in consumption. The calculator provides a convenient way to calculate percentage changes in energy usage.

Use Case 10: Calculate Loan Interest Rate Percentage

Compute the loan interest rate percentage by entering the initial loan amount and the total amount repaid. This feature helps borrowers understand the interest percentage paid over the loan term. The calculator simplifies the calculation of loan interest rates for financial planning.

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