Chia Calculator: Estimate Your Farming Rewards & Profits Easily

Use this chia calculator tool to easily estimate your potential earnings from Chia farming based on your allocated storage space.

Chia Calculator

This calculator estimates the amount of Chia (XCH) you can potentially earn based on your total plot size and the estimated network space.

How to Use

To use the Chia calculator:

  1. Enter your total plot size in Tebibytes (TiB).
  2. Enter the estimated network space in Exbibytes (EiB).
  3. Click “Calculate” to see your estimated Chia earnings.

How it Calculates

The calculator uses the formula:

(Your Plot Size TiB / Total Network Space TiB) * Daily Block Count * Block Reward

This gives an estimate based on the proportion of your plot size compared to the entire network’s plot size.


Please note that this is an estimation tool and cannot predict real earnings accurately as the network size and Chia algorithms may change. Additionally, rewards are randomized over the network so short-term earnings may vary.

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