Chlorine Calculator for Accurate Pool Maintenance

This tool calculates the required amount of chlorine to properly sanitize your swimming pool.

How to Use the Chlorine Calculator

To use this chlorine calculator, simply fill in the required fields:

  • Pool Volume: Enter the volume of your pool in gallons.
  • Current Chlorine Level: Enter the current chlorine level in parts per million (ppm).
  • Desired Chlorine Level: Enter the chlorine level you want to achieve in parts per million (ppm).
  • Chlorine Product Concentration: Enter the percentage concentration of the chlorine product you are using.

Click “Calculate” to determine the amount of chlorine product needed to achieve the desired chlorine level.

Explanation of Calculation

The calculation is based on the formula:

Chlorine Needed (in gallons) = [(Desired Chlorine – Current Chlorine) * Pool Volume (in gallons) * 0.0000125] / (Concentration / 100)

It takes the difference between the desired and current chlorine levels, multiplies it by the pool volume, and adjusts for the concentration of the chlorine product.


This calculator assumes homogeneous mixing of chlorine within the pool and does not account for factors such as pool usage, environmental conditions, or chlorine degradation over time. Always follow product guidelines and consider consulting a pool care professional for precise adjustments.

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