Combine Like Terms Calculator – Simplify Algebraic Expressions Easily

Use this calculator to easily combine like terms in algebraic expressions and streamline your equation-solving process.

Combine Like Terms Calculator

This calculator helps you combine like terms.

How to Use the Calculator

Simply enter the terms you wish to combine into the input field using standard algebraic notation and press “Calculate”. For example, if you input “2x + 3x – 4y + y”, the calculator will provide the combined like terms result.

How the Calculator Works

The calculator parses the input terms, groups like terms together, and then combines the coefficients. It handles both positive and negative coefficients, and understands terms with or without a coefficient (e.g. “x” is treated as “1x”).


The calculator is designed to handle basic polynomial like terms. It does not support parentheses, powers, roots, or complex numbers. Input must be provided in terms of addition and subtraction with variables grouped by their like terms. Incorrect or ambiguous input may produce unexpected results.

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