Commercial Lease Calculator – Calculate Your Rent

Calculate your estimated commercial lease payments quickly and accurately with this simple tool.

Commercial Lease Calculator

Our Commercial Lease Calculator helps you estimate the total cost of leasing a commercial property. This calculator considers the base rent, square footage, lease term, annual increase in rent, and operating expenses to provide a comprehensive estimate.


  • Enter the base rent rate per square foot.
  • Enter the total square footage of the property.
  • Enter the lease term in months.
  • Enter the annual increase percentage.
  • Enter the operating expenses per square foot.
  • Click “Calculate” to see the total cost of the lease.

How It Works

The calculator first converts the annual increase percentage to a decimal and applies this incrementally to the base rent for each month of the lease term. Operating expenses are added to the effective base rent for each month. The total cost is the sum of all monthly payments over the entire lease term.


Please note that this calculator provides an estimate and may not include all potential costs associated with leasing a commercial property. It assumes the annual increase in base rent is applied once per year. Always consult with a leasing professional for accurate calculations.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculate Monthly Lease Payment

Enter the total cost of the commercial lease agreement, annual interest rate, and the number of months the lease will run. Hit calculate to get the monthly payment amount. It’s quick and hassle-free!

Estimate Total Lease Cost

Specify the monthly lease payment, annual interest rate, and the total number of lease months. With just a click, you’ll see the total amount you’ll pay over the entire lease period. No more guessing game!

Determine Annual Interest Rate

If you know the total lease cost, monthly payment, and lease duration, this calculator can show you the annual interest rate involved. Save time figuring out this crucial factor!

Compare Lease Offers

With multiple lease options at hand, enter the necessary details for each offer and compare the monthly payments, total costs, and interest rates side by side. Making an informed decision has never been easier!

Analyse Early Lease Termination Costs

Thinking of ending the lease early? Input the remaining lease months, current monthly payment, and termination fees to find out the total cost of breaking the lease. Plan your next move wisely!

Calculate Security Deposit Amount

Input the number of months the lease will run and the monthly payment to quickly determine the security deposit required. No more last-minute surprises during the leasing process!

Generate Amortization Schedule

By providing the total lease cost, annual interest rate, and lease duration, this calculator can create an amortization schedule. Stay on top of your payment schedule effortlessly!

Adjust Payment Frequency

If you prefer to make payments weekly or bi-weekly instead of monthly, simply input the necessary lease details and select your preferred payment frequency. Stay flexible with your payment options!

Estimate Tax Deductions

Input the annual interest rate, lease duration, and your tax rate to calculate potential tax deductions on the lease payments. Maximize your savings with a clear breakdown of tax benefits!

Plan Budget for Future Lease

If you’re considering a new lease, use this calculator to estimate monthly payments based on the desired total lease amount, interest rate, and duration. Stay ahead of your financial planning game!

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