Cribbage Calculator – Fast & Easy Scoring

This tool will quickly calculate your cribbage hand score based on the cards you enter.

How to Use the Cribbage Calculator

To use this cribbage calculator, input your hand cards as a comma-separated list (e.g., 5H,5D,5S,5C,JH) and the starter card as a single card (e.g., 5H), then click “Calculate”. The result will be displayed in the “Result” field.

How the Calculator Works

This calculator evaluates the points in your cribbage hand based on the standard cribbage scoring rules, which include points for pairs, runs, flushes, and combinations adding up to 15.


This calculator only supports proper cribbage cards (2-10, J, Q, K, A) and suits (H, D, C, S). Input is case-sensitive and must strictly follow the formats specified.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculate total hand points

Provide an input field where users can enter the 6 cards in their hand and have the calculator automatically sum up the points based on the standard cribbage scoring system. It saves time and ensures accurate point calculations so you can focus on enjoying the game.

Determine the count for the “go” card

Allow users to input a card to see the count value for “go” during the pegging phase. This feature helps you strategize and make informed decisions during gameplay to maximize your scoring opportunities.

Calculate scores for various cribbage hands

Include options for users to select the type of hand they have (e.g., pairs, runs, flushes) and input the cards to instantly calculate the score. It simplifies the scoring process, making it easier for you to keep track of your points accurately.

Count the dealer’s hand points

Enable users to input the dealer’s hand cards to calculate the total points. This functionality helps in determining the dealer’s score quickly, enhancing the competitiveness and engagement in your cribbage games.

Calculate the crib points

Provide a separate input for crib cards and calculate the points for the crib. This feature streamlines the scoring process by automatically calculating the crib points, ensuring fairness and efficiency in the game.

Track multiple rounds of cribbage

Include an option to save the scores from multiple rounds of cribbage games to track the progress and compare performance over time. It helps you monitor your improvement and engage in friendly competitions with friends or family.

Display a summary of total scores

Show a summary of total scores for both players at the end of each round for easy reference. The feature provides a clear overview of the game progress and helps you stay informed about the current standings.

Reset scores for a new game

Incorporate a reset button to clear the scores and start a new game without refreshing the page. This functionality offers convenience and efficiency in preparing for the next round of cribbage.

Include a help section for cribbage scoring rules

Add a section that explains the cribbage scoring rules to provide guidance and clarity for new players. It serves as a helpful resource for understanding the scoring system and enhances the overall gaming experience.

Make the calculator mobile-responsive

Ensure the cribbage calculator is mobile-responsive for seamless use on various devices, allowing you to enjoy cribbage games anytime, anywhere. The responsive design optimizes user experience and accessibility across different screen sizes.

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