Depop Fee Calculator – Instantly Estimate Costs

This tool will calculate the fee you’ll pay when selling items on Depop.

How to Use the Depop Fee Calculator

To use this Depop Fee Calculator, simply follow these steps:

  1. Enter the Item Price in dollars.
  2. Enter the Shipping Price in dollars.
  3. Enter any Additional Costs you may have, such as packaging. If you don’t have any, you can leave this field empty.
  4. The Depop Fee Percentage is pre-set to 10%. If Depop changes their fees, you can update this field.
  5. The Payment Processor Fee Percentage is pre-set to 2.9%. Most payment processors charge this percentage.
  6. The Payment Processor Fixed Fee is pre-set to $0.30. This is a common fixed fee applied by payment processors.
  7. Click on the Calculate button to see the result.

How It Calculates the Results

The calculator works by applying the following steps:

  1. Total Cost = Item Price + Shipping Price + Additional Costs
  2. Depop Fee = (Total Cost * Depop Fee Percentage) / 100
  3. Payment Processor Fee = ((Total Cost + Shipping Price) * Payment Processor Fee Percentage) / 100 + Payment Processor Fixed Fee
  4. Total Fees = Depop Fee + Payment Processor Fee
  5. Net Profit = Total Cost – Total Fees


This calculator does not account for:

  • Taxes you may need to pay on your earnings.
  • Any promotional fees or discounts applied by Depop.
  • Changes in payment processor fees which might vary across platforms.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculate Depop selling fee

Enter the selling price of an item and instantly find out how much you will be charged in fees by Depop. This helps you accurately determine your profit margin before listing your items for sale on the platform.

Adjust fee percentage for different item categories

Select the relevant category for your item such as clothing, jewelry, or accessories, and the calculator will automatically adjust the fee percentage based on Depop’s fee structure for that particular category. This ensures you have a precise breakdown of fees.

Incorporate shipping costs into the total fees

Input the anticipated shipping cost for your item, and the calculator will factor this amount into the total fees charged by Depop. This feature gives you a comprehensive view of all expenses associated with selling an item on the platform.

Compare fees for various listing prices

Experiment with different listing prices to see how the fees charged by Depop vary based on the selling price. This comparison allows you to optimize your pricing strategy to maximize profits while accounting for fees.

Calculate total earnings after deducting fees

After determining the selling price and fees, the calculator provides you with the net earnings by subtracting the Depop fees from the total sale amount. This feature gives you a clear picture of how much you will actually make from a sale.

Include promotions or discounts in fee calculations

If you plan to offer promotions, discounts, or run sales on Depop, you can enter the discounted price into the calculator to calculate the adjusted fees. This functionality helps you assess the impact of discounts on your profits.

Factor in currency conversion rates for international sales

For international sales, you can input the currency conversion rate to accurately calculate the fees in your preferred currency. This ensures that you have a precise understanding of the fees involved when selling items to customers in other countries.

Account for any additional features or upgrades

If you opt for any premium features or upgrades on Depop to enhance your listings, you can include the associated costs in the fee calculations. This allows you to assess the overall expenses and potential returns from utilizing these additional features.

Save and print fee breakdown for record-keeping

Once you have calculated the fees, you can save or print the detailed breakdown for your records. This feature enables you to track your expenses, analyze your selling patterns, and make informed decisions to optimize your selling strategy on Depop.

Get real-time fee calculations for quick decision-making

The calculator provides instant, real-time fee calculations, allowing you to make quick and informed decisions when pricing your items on Depop. With accurate fee information at your fingertips, you can streamline your selling process and maximize your profitability on the platform.

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