Diamond Value Calculator – Estimate Your Diamond’s Worth Easily

Use this diamond value calculator to quickly estimate the worth of your diamond based on its characteristics.

How to Use the Diamond Value Calculator

To use the Diamond Value Calculator, you must input the carat weight of the diamond. This is a required field and must be greater than zero. Next, select the color grade, clarity grade, and cut grade from the dropdown lists. Click the “Calculate” button to receive an estimate of the diamond’s value.

How it Calculates Results

The calculator uses a base price per carat and multiplies it by adjustment factors based on the selected color, clarity, and cut grades. Each grade has a factor that adjusts the base per carat price up or down, reflecting the grade’s contribution to the overall value. Finally, the base price is multiplied by the carat weight to provide an estimated value for the diamond.


This calculator provides an estimation of diamond value based on generic standards and should not be used for professional appraisals. Actual diamond prices may vary based on market conditions, additional diamond characteristics, and individual seller or buyer circumstances.

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