Dough Hydration Calculator – Perfect Dough Ratios

This tool helps you calculate the hydration percentage of your dough for precise baking results.

Dough Hydration Calculator

This calculator will help you determine the additional amount of water needed to achieve your desired dough hydration percentage.

How to Use

  1. Enter the weight of your flour in grams.
  2. Enter the weight of water in grams.
  3. Optionally, enter the weight of starter and salt in grams.
  4. Enter the desired dough hydration percentage.
  5. Click on “Calculate” to get the result.

How It Calculates the Result

The calculator uses the formula: (Total Water / Total Flour) * 100 to determine the current dough hydration. If the current hydration is lower than the desired hydration, it advises on the additional amount of water needed.

Total Flour includes half the weight of the starter, considering that half of it serves as flour.

Similarly, Total Water includes half the weight of the starter because the remaining half serves as water.


  • Ensure all required fields are filled in with positive numbers.
  • This tool calculates based on weights and does not consider flour types and other ingredients’ impact on hydration.
  • Starter and salt inputs are optional but recommended for better accuracy.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculate Dough Hydration Percentage

Enter the weight of flour and water used in your dough recipe to instantly calculate the hydration percentage. This will help you achieve the perfect consistency for your bread or pizza dough.

Adjust for Different Flour Types

With the dough hydration calculator, you can easily adjust the hydration percentage based on the type of flour you are using. Different flours absorb water differently, so this feature ensures an accurate result every time.

Experiment with Hydration Levels

Use the calculator to experiment with different hydration levels and see how it affects the texture and rise of your baked goods. Finding the ideal hydration percentage can make a significant difference in the final product.

Scale Recipes Up or Down

Whether you need to increase or decrease the batch size of your recipe, the dough hydration calculator can handle it. Simply input the new weights of flour and water, and get the adjusted hydration percentage instantly.

Save Time on Manual Calculations

Stop wasting time on manual calculations and rely on the efficiency of the dough hydration calculator. It ensures accuracy and saves you the hassle of doing math by hand every time you bake.

Perfect Your Sourdough Starter

For sourdough enthusiasts, achieving the right hydration level is crucial for a successful starter. Use the calculator to maintain the optimal hydration percentage and watch your sourdough thrive.

Share Recipes with Confidence

When sharing your favorite recipes with others, provide them with the exact hydration percentage using the calculator. This way, everyone can replicate your delicious creations with precision.

Understand Baker’s Percentage

Learn about baker’s percentage and how it simplifies recipe scaling by using the dough hydration calculator. Easily convert recipes to this standard format for professional baking precision.

Customize Water Content

If you prefer a dough that is more or less hydrated, customize the water content using the calculator. Achieve the desired consistency by adjusting the hydration percentage to suit your baking preferences.

Enhance Your Baking Skills

By mastering dough hydration with the help of the calculator, you can enhance your baking skills and create consistently delicious breads, pastries, and more. Experiment, learn, and enjoy the process of perfecting your recipes.

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