Dragon City Food Calculator – Optimize Your Feeding Strategy

This tool helps you calculate the amount of food you need to feed your dragons in Dragon City.

Dragon City Food Calculator

This calculator helps you determine the total amount of food required to level up your dragon in Dragon City. Simply input your dragon’s level and select the type of dragon from the dropdown menu. Click “Calculate” to see the total food needed.

How It Works

Food calculations are based on the dragon’s type and level. Each dragon type has a base food cost, which increases progressively depending on the current level:

  • Levels 1-10: 4x base food cost per level
  • Levels 11-20: 10x base food cost per level
  • Levels 21-40: 20x base food cost per level
  • Levels 41-60: 30x base food cost per level
  • Levels 61-80: 40x base food cost per level

How to Use

  1. Enter the level of your dragon in the “Dragon Level” field.
  2. Select the type of dragon from the “Dragon Type” dropdown.
  3. Click the “Calculate” button to see the total amount of food required in the “Result” field.


Please note that this calculator assumes you are feeding your dragon without any discounts or special events that may reduce the food cost. Always refer to the latest game updates for the most accurate information.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculate Total Food Needed for All Dragons

Enter the number of each type of dragon you have, and the calculator will sum up the total food needed to feed them all. This helps you plan ahead, ensuring you have enough food to keep your dragons happily fed.

Estimate Food Required for Leveling Up a Dragon

Input the current level and the target level of a dragon, and the calculator will provide the amount of food needed to level up that dragon. This feature saves you time by giving you an instant estimate of the food required for leveling up specific dragons.

Compare Food Cost Between Different Dragons

Select two different dragon types and their respective levels for comparison. The calculator will show you the food cost for feeding each dragon, helping you make strategic decisions on which dragons to focus on based on food consumption.

Plan Food Distribution for Multiple Dragons

Specify the food capacity of your city and input the hunger level of each dragon. The calculator will allocate food to each dragon proportionally based on their hunger levels, ensuring fair distribution and optimal food utilization.

Predict Food Consumption for New Dragons

By entering the hunger level of a newly acquired dragon, the calculator forecasts the daily food consumption for that dragon. This prediction enables you to prepare in advance and maintain a well-stocked food supply for all your dragons.

Track Food Usage Over Time

Enter the daily food consumption of your dragons, and the calculator will display a graph showing the trend of food usage over a specified period. Monitoring this data helps you adjust your feeding strategies and prevent food shortages.

Calculate Food Efficiency of Dragons

Input the levels and food consumption rates of multiple dragons to determine their food efficiency ratios. This feature allows you to identify which dragons are the most and least efficient in converting food into growth, aiding in resource management.

Optimize Food Production in Dragon City

Indicate the amount of food each farm produces and the number of farms you own. The calculator will compute the total daily food output, helping you optimize farm upgrades and expansions to meet the food demands of your dragons.

Estimate Food Cost for Hatching and Leveling Multiple Dragons

Specify the number of dragons you want to hatch and the levels you aim to achieve for each. The calculator will provide a total food cost estimation, assisting you in planning your food expenditures and progression goals effectively.

Set Food Budget for Efficient Resource Management

Enter your desired daily food supply goal and the calculator will suggest the number of farms needed to meet that target. This feature aids in setting up a food budget, ensuring you maintain a consistent food supply for your dragons while managing resources efficiently.

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