Dunk Calculator – Measure Your Vertical Jump to Dunk

Use this dunk calculator to find out the vertical jump height you need to achieve a dunk based on your height and arm span.

How to Use the Dunk Calculator

To use the dunk calculator, simply input your height in centimeters, your standing reach, and the height you can reach with a jump. The calculator will then inform you if you have the ability to perform a dunk or how much you need to improve your vertical jump to be able to dunk. Please fill all fields before clicking the Calculate button.

How the Calculator Works

The calculator subtracts your standing reach from your jump reach to determine your dunk ability. It then compares this to the height of a basketball rim, which is 305 centimeters. If your dunk ability is equal to or greater than the required height difference, you can dunk. Otherwise, it will tell you how much more you need to be able to jump to dunk.

Limitations of the Calculator

This calculator does not take into account the width of the basketball or the need to reach over the rim, both of which require additional height. It assumes an average basketball rim height and does not account for variations in rim height. It also does not consider the user’s skill level, arm length variations, or timing of the jump, all of which can affect dunking ability.

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