Erg Calculator – Accurate Rowing Data

This tool calculates how many calories you burn while rowing on an ergometer.


The erg calculator above computes the kinetic energy of an object in ergs. To use the calculator:

  • Enter the mass of the object in grams.
  • Enter the velocity of the object in meters per second.
  • Click on the ‘Calculate’ button to obtain the result in ergs.

How it Works

The calculator uses the formula for kinetic energy:

Energy (erg) = 0.5 * mass (grams) * velocity^2 (m/s) * 1e7

This formula calculates the kinetic energy of an object and converts it to ergs, a unit of energy used in the centimetre-gram-second (CGS) system of units, where 1 erg = 1 g*(cm/s)^2.


  • The calculator assumes non-relativistic speeds (speeds much less than the speed of light).
  • The mass must be entered in grams and the velocity in meters per second.
  • The precision of the result is limited to two decimal places.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculate Calories Burned

Enter your rowing time and intensity to calculate the calories you burned during your workout. Get a precise estimation to track your progress and set new fitness goals.

Track Total Distance

Input your rowing speed and duration to see the total distance covered in your session. Monitor your distance to challenge yourself and improve your rowing performance over time.

Analyze Split Times

Input your total rowing time and distance to calculate your average split time per 500 meters. Use this data to improve your pacing and optimize your rowing technique for better results.

Plan Workouts Based on Calories

Set a target calorie burn and intensity level to plan your rowing workouts effectively. Adjust the time and speed to achieve your calorie goal and maximize your training benefits.

Estimate Rowing Pace

Input the distance and time to estimate your average rowing pace in meters per second or meters per minute. Use this information to set pace targets for future workouts.

Compare Multiple Workouts

Enter data from different rowing sessions to compare calories burned, distance covered, and average split times. Analyze your progress and performance trends over time to stay motivated.

Calculate Power Output

Input your weight, rowing time, and distance to calculate your average power output in watts. Monitor your power output to enhance your training efficiency and increase your overall rowing strength.

Adjust Intensity Levels

Experiment with different intensity settings to see how they affect your calories burned and rowing performance. Find the right balance between effort and results to reach your fitness targets faster.

Optimize Recovery Time

Use the calculator to estimate your energy expenditure during rowing and plan your post-workout recovery nutrition accordingly. Ensure proper refueling to support muscle recovery and enhance performance.

Share Results and Progress

Share your workout data, including calories burned, distance covered, and split times, with your friends or trainer. Celebrate your achievements together and stay motivated to reach new fitness milestones.

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