EV Charging Calculator – Estimate Your Costs

This tool helps you estimate how long it will take to charge your electric vehicle based on its battery capacity and charger type.

How to Use the EV Charging Calculator

To use this calculator, follow these steps:

  1. Enter your battery capacity in kWh.
  2. Input the starting charge level as a percentage.
  3. Input the ending charge level as a percentage.
  4. Enter the charging power in kW.
  5. Specify the charging efficiency in percentage (usually around 90%).
  6. Click on “Calculate” to see the estimated charging time in hours.

How the Calculator Works

This calculator estimates the time required to charge an electric vehicle (EV) from a specified starting charge level to an ending charge level. It takes into account the battery capacity, charging power, and charging efficiency. The formula used is:

Charging Time = (Battery Capacity * (Ending Charge Level - Starting Charge Level) / 100) / (Charging Power * (Charging Efficiency / 100))


  • The calculator assumes a constant charging power and efficiency throughout the charging process.
  • Actual charging times may vary due to several factors such as temperature, battery health, and fluctuations in charging power.
  • This tool provides an estimate and should not be used for precise planning.
  • Make sure the ending charge level is greater than the starting charge level to get a valid result.

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