Eye Color Calculator – Genetic Prediction Tool

This tool helps you predict the eye color of your future child based on the parents’ eye colors.

How to Use the Eye Color Calculator

This calculator helps you estimate the likely eye color of your child based on the eye colors of both parents. While genetics can be complex, this tool uses common probability percentages for a simplified prediction.


  • Select the eye color for Parent 1 from the dropdown menu.
  • Select the eye color for Parent 2 from the dropdown menu.
  • Click the “Calculate” button to see the predicted probabilities of different eye colors for your child.

Calculation Method:

The calculator uses basic genetic inheritance logic:

  • Brown eyes are typically dominant over both blue and green eyes.
  • Green eyes are typically dominant over blue eyes.
  • The percentages shown are based on simplified genetic models and general statistical probabilities.


It’s important to recognize that eye color inheritance is influenced by multiple genes, not just a single gene pair. Therefore, the actual outcome may differ from the predicted result due to the intricacies of genetic variation.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Use Case 1: Calculate the Probability of Eye Color

Enter the eye color of both parents, and the calculator will determine the likelihood of each eye color outcome for their child based on genetic inheritance. It’s a fun way to predict the potential eye colors of future generations!

Use Case 2: Determine the Dominant Eye Color Gene

By inputting the eye colors of family members, you can identify which eye color gene is dominant within your family lineage. This can help you understand the genetic patterns behind eye color inheritance.

Use Case 3: Explore Eye Color Mixing

Experiment with mixing different eye colors to see potential outcomes. This feature allows you to visualize how unique eye colors can be created through genetic combinations, sparking curiosity and creativity.

Use Case 4: Understand Genetic Variability in Eye Color

Learn about the complex genetics behind eye color inheritance and how different combinations of genes lead to the diverse range of eye colors observed in humans. Gain insight into the science of genetics in an interactive way.

Use Case 5: Compare Eye Color Probabilities

Compare the probabilities of different eye colors based on various parental combinations. This feature provides a dynamic way to see how genetic factors influence the likelihood of specific eye colors in offspring.

Use Case 6: Determine Eye Color Similarities

Input the eye colors of family members to identify similarities and differences in eye color inheritance. This can lead to meaningful discussions about genetic traits and family resemblances.

Use Case 7: Predict Eye Color Evolution

Enter historical eye colors of ancestors to predict how eye colors might evolve over future generations. This speculative tool offers a playful glimpse into the potential changes in eye color over time.

Use Case 8: Explore Rare Eye Color Combinations

Discover the probabilities of rare eye color combinations that may occur in offspring. Uncover the fascinating genetic mechanisms that can lead to the emergence of unique and uncommon eye colors.

Use Case 9: Understand Polygenic Inheritance in Eye Color

Explore how multiple genes contribute to eye color inheritance through polygenic inheritance. This educational feature elucidates the intricate interplay of genes in determining eye color outcomes.

Use Case 10: Share Eye Color Predictions

Generate eye color predictions and share them with friends and family for entertainment or discussion. This interactive calculator can stimulate conversations about genetics and hereditary traits.

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