Eye Color Predictor – See Future Baby’s Eyes

This tool will help you predict the likely eye color of your future child based on the eye colors of the parents.

How to Use the Eye Color Predictor

1. Select the eye color of Parent 1.

2. Select the eye color of Parent 2.

3. Click on the “Calculate” button to get the predicted eye color probabilities for their child.

How the Predictor Works

This eye color predictor uses general probabilities based on the typical genetic patterns of eye color inheritance. While it takes into account the basic combinations of blue, green, and brown eye colors, it simplifies the complexity of genetic inheritance and may not be entirely accurate due to the influence of other genetic factors.


The predictions provided by this calculator are based on typical eye color genetics and are not definitive. Eye color is a polygenic trait, meaning multiple genes contribute to its outcome, and this tool simplifies those genetics. Environmental factors and additional genetic variations may also affect the actual eye color of a child, so the results should be taken as a rough estimate rather than a certainty.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Use Case 1: Predicting Eye Color Based on Parents’ Genes

Enter the parents’ eye colors, and the calculator will predict the possible eye color of their offspring based on the dominant and recessive genes they carry. You’ll instantly see the most likely eye color outcome for your future child!

Use Case 2: Exploring Different Gene Combinations

Experiment with various combinations of dominant and recessive genes to see how they influence potential eye colors. You can toggle between different gene options to understand the genetic inheritance patterns better.

Use Case 3: Understanding Probability of Eye Color

Get a breakdown of the statistical probabilities of each eye color outcome based on the parental gene inputs. This feature provides an informative overview of the chances of your child inheriting specific eye colors.

Use Case 4: Predicting Eye Color for Siblings

Input the eye colors of one or both parents to predict the potential eye colors of multiple siblings. You can visualize the different combinations that may result in siblings having varying eye colors.

Use Case 5: Explaining Genetic Inheritance Patterns

Learn about the Mendelian genetics behind eye color inheritance by using the predictor to see how different gene combinations lead to specific eye color outcomes. It’s a fun way to grasp the complexities of genetic traits!

Use Case 6: Comparing Genetic Traits Influencing Eye Color

Compare the impact of different genetic traits on eye color prediction by adjusting the dominance and recessiveness of genes. You’ll gain insights into how specific genes play a crucial role in determining eye color.

Use Case 7: Visualizing Eye Color Combinations

Explore the visual representation of potential eye color combinations based on the genes inherited from parents. The calculator provides a clear breakdown of how different gene pairs can lead to diverse eye color possibilities.

Use Case 8: Predicting Eye Color for Ancestral Analysis

Use the eye color predictor to predict the likely eye colors of ancestors based on the eye colors of their descendants. Gain a deeper understanding of how genetic traits have been passed down through generations.

Use Case 9: Planning for Genetic Diversity

Plan for genetic diversity within your family by predicting the potential eye colors of future generations. You can explore how mixing different eye colors can lead to unique outcomes for your descendants.

Use Case 10: Educating About Eye Color Genetics

Utilize the eye color predictor as an educational tool to teach others about the genetics of eye color inheritance. It’s a hands-on way to demonstrate how genetic variations determine the beautiful diversity of eye colors in humans.

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