F of G Calculator – Quick Composite Function Results

This f of g calculator allows you to easily compute the composition of two functions, providing you with precise mathematical results.

f of g Calculator

How to Use This Calculator

  • Input the function f in terms of x in the first field.
  • Enter the function g also in terms of x in the second field.
  • Type in the numerical value for x in the third field.
  • Press the “Calculate” button to get the result of f(g(x)).

How it Calculates the Result

This calculator first evaluates g(x) with the provided x value, then substitutes this result back into f(x) to finally compute f(g(x)). Please use standard mathematical syntax, for example, use ‘^’ for exponentiation (e.g., x^2 for x squared).


The calculator does not support implicit multiplication (e.g. 2x should be written as 2*x) and relies on correct input syntax. It also cannot handle functions beyond basic algebraic operations. Division by zero, undefined mathematical operations, or functions with discontinuities may not yield correct results.

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