Firewood Calculator: Estimate Your Wood Needs Easily

Our firewood calculator will help you determine the quantity of firewood you need to keep your space warm and cozy.

Firewood Calculator

Use this simple calculator to determine the approximate weight of your firewood.

How to Use the Calculator

1. Enter the volume of firewood in cords.
2. Select the type of wood from the dropdown list.
3. Enter the moisture content of the wood in percentage.
4. Click “Calculate” to get the estimated weight.

How it Calculates

The calculator estimates the weight based on the volume, wood type, and moisture content. Different types of wood and moisture levels affect the overall weight of the wood.


This calculator provides an estimation and assumes uniform wood and moisture content. The actual weight can be affected by factors like wood density, cut size, and exact moisture levels, which are not accounted for in this simple calculator.

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