Graphing Rational Functions Calculator: Simple & Accurate Tool

Use this graphing rational functions calculator to easily visualize the behavior and intercepts of any rational function you input.

Graphing Rational Functions Calculator

Use this calculator to graph rational functions. Provide your function in the form of numerator and denominator polynomials such as (x^2 + 1) / (x – 2).

How to Use the Calculator

Enter the numerator and denominator functions in their respective fields and click “Calculate”. The graph of the rational function will be displayed.

Example Usage: To graph (x^2 + 1) / (x – 2), enter “x^2 + 1” in the numerator field and “x – 2” in the denominator field.

How it Works

This graphing calculator utilizes JavaScript to parse the input functions, calculate the rational function values, and then plot the points on an imaginary graph. Due to the limitations of text representation, an actual visual graph is not displayed.

The calculator evaluates the function at various points along the x-axis to plot corresponding y-values. Variations or asymptotic behavior due to poles or zeros in the rational function will not be represented visually.


This tool is limited by the JavaScript engine’s ability to evaluate functions and does not actually graph but rather prepares the value set that could be graphed. Complex roots, poles, and asymptotes are not computed visually. For actual visualization, a numeric library or graphing tool should be utilized.

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