Hedge Calculator: Easily Manage Your Financial Risk Exposure

Use this hedge calculator tool to precisely calculate the number of plants you need to create your desired hedge length.

Hedge Calculator Explained

The Hedge Calculator allows users to determine the amount to hedge given a total investment and the desired hedge ratio. Users enter their total investment amount, and the hedge ratio as a percentage, then click ‘Calculate’ to see the hedged amount.

How to Use the Calculator

  1. Enter the ‘Total Investment’ value in dollars.
  2. Input the ‘Hedge Ratio’ as a percentage (without the ‘%’).
  3. Click on the ‘Calculate’ button to compute the result.
  4. The hedged amount will be displayed in the ‘Result’ field.

How the Calculator Works

The calculator multiplies the total investment amount by the hedge ratio (as a decimal) to find the part of the investment that should be hedged. The hedge ratio is the proportion of the investment you wish to protect against market fluctuations.


This hedge calculator assumes a linear relationship between investment and hedge ratio. It does not account for transaction fees, taxes, or other practical considerations which could affect the actual hedged amount. Always consult with a financial advisor for a tailored hedging strategy.

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