Home Staging Pricing Calculator – Instant Cost Estimates

This tool will help you calculate the estimated cost of staging your home.

Home Staging Pricing Calculator

This calculator helps you estimate the cost of home staging based on several parameters including property size, number of rooms, number of bathrooms, and the duration of the staging. Additionally, you can opt for a luxury package, which adds 25% to the base cost.

How to Use

  1. Enter the property size in square feet.
  2. Enter the number of rooms in the property.
  3. Enter the number of bathrooms in the property.
  4. Enter the duration of staging in weeks.
  5. Check the Luxury Package box if you would like to include it.
  6. Click the “Calculate” button to see the estimated cost.

How It Calculates

The calculator uses the following formula to determine the total cost:

  • Base Cost: (Property Size * 1.5) + (Number of Rooms * 200) + (Number of Bathrooms * 150)
  • Duration Cost: Staging Duration * 300
  • Luxury Package: Adds 25% to the Base Cost if selected.

The total cost is then displayed in the result field.


Please note that this calculator provides an estimate and should be used for informational purposes only. The actual price may vary depending on additional factors not covered by this calculator such as location, market conditions, and specific requirements of the staging process.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculating Square Footage

Enter the total square footage of the property, including all living spaces and areas to be staged. The calculator will use this information as a base for determining the total cost of staging your home.

Selecting Staging Package

Choose from different staging packages according to your budget and needs. Each package offers varying levels of service, from basic furniture and decor placement to full home staging with accessories.

Adding Extra Services

Include any additional services you may require, such as professional photography, virtual tours, or design consultations. These services can enhance the overall presentation and marketability of your property.

Estimating Furniture Rental Costs

Specify the duration of the staging, whether it’s a month-to-month rental or a fixed-term agreement. The calculator will provide an estimate of the furniture rental cost based on the selected period.

Calculating Delivery and Setup Fees

Enter your location to calculate the delivery and setup fees for the staging furniture and decor. These costs may vary depending on the distance and complexity of the installation.

Applying Promotional Discounts

If you have a promo code or discount offer, apply it to receive a reduced price for the staging services. The calculator will automatically adjust the total cost to reflect the discount applied.

Viewing Itemized Cost Breakdown

Review the detailed breakdown of costs, including furniture rental, service fees, and any additional charges. This transparency helps you understand where your money is being allocated in the staging process.

Comparing Multiple Quotes

Generate multiple quotes by adjusting the staging package, services, and rental duration to compare costs. This feature enables you to explore different options and tailor the staging to meet your preferences and budget.

Requesting a Consultation

Interested in discussing your staging needs further? Use the calculator to request a consultation with a staging specialist. A professional can provide personalized recommendations and answer any questions you may have.

Booking Your Staging Services

Ready to proceed with staging your home? Once you’ve customized your package and services, proceed to book your staging services directly through the calculator. Prepare your space for a stunning transformation!

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