How Many Calories Do Push Ups Burn – Calculator Tool

This tool helps you calculate the number of calories you burn while doing push-ups.

How to Use This Calculator

To use this calculator, simply enter your weight in kilograms, the number of push-ups you performed, and the time in minutes spent performing those push-ups. Then click on the “Calculate” button to find out how many calories you burned.

How It Calculates Calories Burned

The calculator uses the general formula for calculating calories burned during physical activity, adjusted for push-ups:
Calories Burned = (Weight in kg) x (MET value) x (Time in minutes)
A MET value of approximately 3.8 is used for push-ups. This value may vary based on intensity and individual metabolic rates.


This calculator provides an estimate based on average values. Factors such as individual metabolic rate, form, and intensity can affect actual calories burned. For precise measurements, consulting a fitness professional or using specialized equipment is recommended.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Use Case 1: Calculating Calories Burned for Sets of Push Ups

To effectively track your progress and make the most of your workout routine, you can use the push up calorie calculator to determine the calories burned during each set. By inputting the number of push ups performed and your body weight, you can have a clear idea of how many calories you’ve burned and adjust your calorie intake accordingly.

Use Case 2: Planning Push Up Workouts Based on Calorie Burn

If you’re aiming to achieve a specific calorie burn goal through push ups, this calculator can help you plan your workout sessions effectively. By entering different sets and repetitions, you can experiment with varying intensity levels to meet your desired calorie expenditure.

Use Case 3: Monitoring Caloric Expenditure for Weight Loss

If weight loss is your fitness goal, keeping tabs on the calories burned from push ups can be crucial. By using this calculator regularly, you can ensure you are creating a sufficient calorie deficit to support your weight loss journey.

Use Case 4: Tracking Calorie Burn Progress Over Time

By consistently inputting your push up workout data into the calorie calculator, you can track your calorie burn progress over time. This allows you to see improvements in your fitness levels and make adjustments to your workouts as needed.

Use Case 5: Setting Target Calorie Goals for Push Up Sessions

If you have specific fitness or weight management goals in mind, this calculator can help you set target calorie burn goals for your push up sessions. By aiming to reach a certain calorie expenditure with each workout, you can stay motivated and accountable.

Use Case 6: Adjusting Caloric Intake Based on Push Up Calories Burned

To maintain a healthy balance between calorie consumption and expenditure, you can use the push up calorie calculator to adjust your daily caloric intake. Knowing how many calories you’ve burned from your workouts can guide you in making informed dietary choices.

Use Case 7: Comparing Caloric Burn Between Different Exercise Routines

If you’re exploring various exercise options, this calculator can help you compare the calorie burn between push ups and other workout routines. Understanding the difference in caloric expenditure can assist you in designing a well-rounded fitness plan.

Use Case 8: Motivating Yourself with Real-Time Calorie Burn Feedback

For instant motivation during your push up sessions, you can use this calculator to get real-time feedback on the calories burned. Watching the calorie count increase with each set can encourage you to push yourself further and reach your fitness goals.

Use Case 9: Educating Yourself on the Impact of Push Ups on Caloric Expenditure

If you’re curious about the relationship between push ups and calorie burn, this calculator can serve as an educational tool. By exploring how different factors influence caloric expenditure, you can deepen your understanding of the benefits of push ups.

Use Case 10: Sharing Workout Progress with Friends and Fitness Community

To share your push up workout achievements and calorie burn stats with friends or the fitness community, you can use this calculator to showcase your progress. By sharing your data, you can inspire others and receive support and encouragement on your fitness journey.

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