How Many Sprinklers Per Zone Calculator – Accurate Tool

This tool calculates the number of sprinklers you need for each zone in your irrigation system.

How to Use the Sprinkler Per Zone Calculator

This calculator helps you determine the number of sprinklers and zones needed for your irrigation system.


  • Enter the total area you need to irrigate in square feet.
  • Enter the available water pressure in PSI.
  • Enter the coverage radius of one sprinkler in feet.
  • Enter the flow rate of one sprinkler in gallons per minute (GPM).
  • Enter the available flow rate per zone in GPM.
  • Click the “Calculate” button to see the total number of sprinklers and zones required.

How It Calculates:

The calculator first computes the area covered by one sprinkler using the formula for the area of a circle (πr2). It then divides the total area by this coverage area to determine the number of sprinklers required. Finally, it calculates how many sprinklers can operate in one zone based on the available flow rate and the flow rate per sprinkler, and from that, it determines the total number of zones needed.


Please note that this calculator assumes uniform water pressure and coverage, and does not factor in variabilities such as terrain, wind conditions, or system inefficiencies. Always consult with a professional for more precise planning and installation.

Use Cases for This Calculator

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How Many Sprinklers per Zone Calculator


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