Interior Design Fee Calculator – Estimate Your Project Cost

This tool calculates the estimated fees for your interior design project based on the details you provide.

Interior Design Fee Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate the cost of your interior design project. Enter the total square footage of the space, select the design style, choose any additional decoration, and specify the consultation hours and rate.

How It Works

The calculator estimates the interior design fee based on these parameters:

  • Square Feet: The total area of the space you’re planning to design.
  • Design Style: The level of design complexity – Basic, Standard, or Premium. Each style has a corresponding cost per square foot.
  • Decoration: Choose the level of additional decorative elements – None, Simple, or Advanced.
  • Consultation Hours: The number of hours you’ll require consultation services.
  • Consultation Rate per Hour: The hourly rate for consultation.


Please note, the calculator provides an estimate and actual costs may vary. The estimates do not include the cost of materials, furniture, or any unforeseen expenses. Always consult with a professional for a precise quote.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculate Total Fee

Enter the total square footage of your space, select the service type, and the calculator will give you an estimate of the total fee, taking into account the square footage rate. Get an instant idea of how much you would need to budget for your interior design project!

Estimate Consultation Fee

Input the duration of the consultation and any additional expenses, and the calculator will estimate the consultation fee for you. It’s a quick and convenient way to know how much you need to set aside for your initial meeting with the interior designer.

Calculate Hourly Design Rate

If you prefer hourly rates, simply enter the number of hours you anticipate for your project and the calculator will compute the total design fee based on the hourly rate. It helps you gauge the cost of hiring a designer per hour for your specific needs.

Plan Budget for Materials

Specify the budget you have allocated for materials and furnishings to get an estimate of the design fee that can be accommodated within that budget. This feature assists you in planning your spending wisely by aligning it with your material budget.

Compare Service Fees

Input the square footage and compare the interior design fee for different service types (e.g., full design service, partial design service) in a side-by-side view. This enables you to see the cost differences and make an informed decision on the service that fits your budget.

Adjust Fees for Add-On Services

If you want to add extra services like purchasing furniture or decor, you can include the estimated cost for these services and the calculator will adjust the total fee accordingly. It helps you see the impact of additional services on your overall budget.

Evaluate Space Complexity Impact

Select the complexity level of your space (e.g., simple, moderate, complex) and see how it affects the design fee. This tool helps you understand how space intricacy influences the cost and adjust your budget accordingly.

Calculate Retainer Fee

Enter the percentage for the retainer fee and the total design fee to determine the amount you need to pay upfront to secure the interior designer’s services. It gives you clarity on the initial payment required before the project commences.

Estimate Final Payment

Specify the percentage for the final payment and the total design fee to get an estimate of the final amount due upon project completion. This feature aids in planning your finances by forecasting the last installment required for the project.

Review Breakdown of Fees

Get a detailed breakdown of the interior design fee calculation, including service charges, material costs, and additional services fees. With this breakdown, you have transparency on how each aspect contributes to the total fee, enabling you to make informed decisions confidently.

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