Jump Calculator 5e – Calculate Jump Distances Easily

This tool calculates your character’s jump distance in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition based on their strength score and movement speed.

Jump Calculator 5e

This calculator helps determine the jump distances (in feet) your character can achieve in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. Input your strength score and specify whether you’re proficient in Acrobatics, then select the type of jump you want to calculate: a standing long jump, a running long jump, or a high jump.

How to Use:

  • Enter your character’s strength score.
  • Check the box if your character is proficient in Acrobatics.
  • Select the type of jump you want to perform from the dropdown menu.
  • Click the “Calculate” button to see the result in the ‘Result’ field.

How It Calculates:

The calculator uses standard 5th Edition D&D rules:

  • Standing Long Jump: Distance is half your Strength score.
  • Running Long Jump: Distance equals your Strength score.
  • High Jump: Height is 3 + your Strength modifier (Strength score divided by 2, rounded down).
  • If proficient in Acrobatics, an additional foot is added to the calculated jump distance or height.


This calculator assumes there are no other modifiers or conditions affecting your jump (such as spells, class features, or environmental factors). Ensure you consider any such factors separately when determining your character’s actual jump distance or height in-game.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculate Long Jump Distance

Enter your Strength Score and the calculator will determine the maximum distance you can jump across a gap. This feature helps you plan your strategy for traversing obstacles and avoiding danger during your adventures.

Calculate High Jump Height

Provide your Strength Score and the calculator will reveal how high you can jump vertically. This information is crucial for reaching elevated areas or escaping pursuit by leaping over obstacles with precision.

Adjust Jump Distance with Running Start

Input your Strength Score and specify whether you are taking a running start to modify your jump distance. This function allows you to assess the benefits of a running start and optimize your jumping abilities in different scenarios.

Compare Jump Distances between Characters

Enter the Strength Scores of multiple characters to compare their jump distances side by side. This comparison helps you understand the strengths and weaknesses of each character and make strategic decisions based on their unique capabilities.

Simulate Jumping Across Varying Gap Lengths

Experiment with different gap lengths to simulate jumping scenarios. This feature lets you explore various challenges and plan your approach to overcoming obstacles of different sizes based on your jumping capabilities.

Calculate Jump Distance with Enhancements

Incorporate bonuses or penalties to your jump distance calculation based on spells, items, or special abilities. This customization feature enables you to account for temporary enhancements or limitations that may affect your jumping performance.

Plan Long Jump Sequences

Input multiple jump distances to create a sequence of long jumps. This planning tool helps you strategize complex movement patterns, such as crossing multiple gaps, with optimal efficiency based on your character’s jumping abilities.

Optimize High Jump Success Rate

Experiment with different high jump heights to determine your likelihood of successfully clearing obstacles. By analyzing the probability of success for various jump heights, you can make informed decisions to minimize risks during gameplay.

Calculate Jump Distance for NPCs

Enter the Strength Scores of non-player characters (NPCs) to calculate their jump distances. This feature allows you to assess NPC capabilities, map out their movements, and create more immersive and challenging scenarios for your campaign.

Share Jump Calculations with Your Party

Generate a shareable link or code for your jump calculations to discuss strategies with your fellow party members. This collaborative tool fosters teamwork, coordination, and tactical planning as you work together to navigate treacherous terrain and overcome obstacles in your adventure.

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