Las Vegas Taxi Rates – Taxi Fare Calculator

This tool will help you calculate the cost of your taxi ride in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Taxi Fare Calculator

This calculator helps you estimate the taxi fare in Las Vegas based on the current rates. Fill in the following details to get an accurate estimate:

  • Distance: Enter the total distance of your trip in miles.
  • Time of Day: Select ‘Day’ for trips between 6 AM – 6 PM and ‘Night’ for trips between 6 PM – 6 AM.
  • Number of Extra Stops: Enter the number of extra stops you plan to make. Each extra stop will add a small fee to your total fare.
  • Traffic Factor: Choose a traffic factor between 1 to 3 to account for traffic conditions. ‘1’ indicates light traffic, ‘2’ indicates moderate traffic, and ‘3’ indicates heavy traffic.

How it Calculates the Results

The calculation is done based on the following parameters:

  • Base Fare: A fixed starting fare for every trip ($3.50).
  • Per Mile Rate: The rate per mile during the day is $2.76 and during the night is $3.00.
  • Extra Stops Fee: Each additional stop adds $2.00 to the fare.
  • Traffic Multiplier: The base fare is multiplied by a factor depending on the traffic conditions:
    • 1.0 for no traffic
    • 1.5 for light traffic
    • 2.0 for moderate traffic
    • 2.5 for heavy traffic


While this calculator provides an accurate estimate based on current rates and conditions, actual fares may vary due to unforeseen circumstances such as road closures or unexpected delays.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculate Fare for a Regular Taxi Ride

Enter the initial fare, per mile rate, and waiting time charges to calculate the total fare for your regular taxi ride in Las Vegas. Accurately estimate your taxi fare beforehand and plan your budget efficiently.

Estimate Fare Including Airport Surcharge

Add the airport surcharge fee to your total fare calculation for a ride to or from the airport in Las Vegas. Be aware of any additional fees incurred for airport pick-ups or drop-offs.

Determine Fare for Peak Hour Travel

Include the peak hour surcharge when calculating the fare during high-demand hours. Plan your travel accordingly and budget for the surcharge to avoid any surprises at the end of your ride.

Calculate Fare for a Round Trip

Factor in the return trip to your fare calculation for a round trip taxi ride in Las Vegas. Get a comprehensive estimate of your total expenses for the entire journey.

Estimate Fare for Multiple Stops

Add the waiting time charges for multiple stops to your fare calculation to accurately budget for your taxi journey with detours. Plan your itinerary with confidence knowing the total cost in advance.

Calculate Fare for a Long-Distance Trip

Input the distance and per mile rate to calculate the fare for a long-distance taxi trip in Las Vegas. Get an estimate of your expenses for extended travel distances.

Determine Fare with Toll Charges

Incorporate toll charges into your fare calculation to accurately budget for trips that involve toll roads. Avoid unexpected expenses at toll booths by planning ahead.

Estimate Fare with Additional Passenger Charges

Add extra passenger charges to your fare calculation for rides with multiple passengers. Plan your group travels efficiently by knowing the total cost per person in advance.

Calculate Fare Including Nighttime Surcharge

Include the nighttime surcharge fee when traveling during night hours to get an accurate fare calculation. Stay informed about additional charges during late-night rides in Las Vegas.

Determine Fare with Discount Codes

Apply any discount codes or promotions to your fare calculation to enjoy savings on your taxi rides in Las Vegas. Maximize your discounts and reduce your transportation costs with promo codes.

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