Legal Deadline Calculator – Accurate and Easy

Our legal deadline calculator tool helps you determine the exact due date for your legal tasks.

How to Use the Legal Deadline Calculator

1. Enter the start date in the “Start Date” field. Use the date picker to select the correct date.

2. Enter the number of days to add in the “Days to Add” field. Ensure the number is positive and valid.

3. If you want to count only business days (excluding weekends), check the “Business Days Only” checkbox.

4. Click the “Calculate” button to see the result in the “Result” field.

How the Calculator Works

The Legal Deadline Calculator takes a start date and a number of days to add. It will output the resulting date after adding those days. If “Business Days Only” is checked, the calculator will skip weekends when counting.

The calculator uses standard JavaScript Date operations to increment the date and checks the day of the week to skip weekends if required.


The calculator does not account for holidays or any specific non-working days other than weekends. It strictly considers only regular calendar and business days.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculate Filing Deadline for a Legal Motion

Enter the date the motion was filed in court along with the specified number of days to calculate the deadline to respond. This tool helps you stay on top of crucial deadlines and ensures your legal documents are submitted in a timely manner.

Determine Statute of Limitations for a Potential Lawsuit

Input the date of the incident or discovery of harm to find out the deadline by which a lawsuit must be filed. Knowing the statute of limitations is essential in pursuing legal action within the allowable timeframe and avoiding case dismissal.

Estimate Response Deadline for a Legal Notice

Provide the date you received the legal notice and the number of days to respond to figure out the deadline for your response. Quickly calculate the deadline to ensure your reply is submitted within the specified timeframe.

Calculate Timeframe for Serving Legal Documents

Enter the date the documents were issued and the number of days you have to serve them to determine the deadline. Avoid delays in serving legal papers by using this calculator to stay compliant with legal requirements.

Determine Deadline for Discovery Requests

Input the date when the discovery process began and the allotted time for responding to requests to get the due date. Plan your discovery strategy effectively by calculating the deadline for submitting or objecting to discovery requests.

Estimate Deadline for Appellate Brief Filing

Provide the date the judgment was entered and the number of days allowed for filing an appellate brief to find the due date. Ensure timely filing of your appellate brief by calculating the precise deadline for submission.

Calculate Response Deadline for Interrogatories

Enter the date when the interrogatories were received and the timeframe for responding to determine the deadline. Use this tool to manage your time efficiently and meet the deadline for answering interrogatories accurately.

Determine Deadline for Serving Subpoenas

Input the date the subpoenas were issued and the number of days you have to serve them to find the deadline. Stay compliant with legal procedures by calculating the deadline for serving subpoenas accurately.

Estimate Deadline for Filing a Response to a Complaint

Provide the date you were served with the complaint and the permitted time for filing a response to get the deadline. Avoid missing the deadline for responding to a legal complaint by calculating the exact timeframe for submission.

Calculate Deadline for Providing Expert Witness Disclosure

Enter the date of the court order requiring expert witness disclosure and the timeframe for providing the disclosure to determine the deadline. Ensure compliance with court orders by calculating the precise deadline for disclosing expert witnesses.

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